Faster Deals, Better Outcomes
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FastTrack your Deals

xMentium speeds up the most important part of getting agreements done – achieving consensus. How? By giving you Deal Spaces to bring together your best contract language, positions, negotiation teams, subject matter experts, approvers, and counterparties in a safe and controlled way.

Start in the Right Direction

56% of contract negotiations begin with the wrong first draft.[1] It’s hard to make quick progress or deliver quality when you begin a deal with terms that don’t fit. FastTrack gives your team the ability to quickly find the right templates and deliver them to the other side without hassle, confusion, or hunting on personal hard drives.

Bring everyone to the table

Half of the challenge with negotiations is communicating and collaborating inside your organization. Get your negotiators, internal experts, and approvers into the same Deal Space, a structured place to expose and resolve issues through simple shared views, clear approvals, and dashboards that show where things stand and what remains to be done.

See the Big Picture

Knowing in advance how you want to do business is better than finding out on the fly during a negotiation. FastTrack puts your best positions, language, and guidance at your team’s fingertips as trusted and reusable building blocks. Give your lawyers and other teams the information they need to move decisively with strong guidance and guardrails, clear escalation points, and quality results.

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Get From Handshakes to Signatures without Detours

FastTrack not only speeds up your negotiations, it accelerates the shift from negotiation to e-signatures without changing tools, re-entering information, or risking administrative slip-ups. When everyone knows the deal is complete and terms and deal data have been preserved from end-to-end, you’re in a position for better performance and accountability on both sides.

Get Your Deals on the FastTrack Today

Everyone is busy, and no one likes change management. FastTrack lets you avoid all that. With FastTrack you can start with a single contract type, our Legal Engineers can get you up and running in days, and you can start experiencing a new and better way of making faster deals with better outcomes. You’ll wonder how you ever got deals done the old way.

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[1] We didn’t make this up. “An analysis of more than 7,000 signed contracts undertaken by World Commerce & Contracting published in the 2018 Most Negotiated Terms report showed that 56% were based on the wrong template as a starting point.”