About Us

We reimagine how people work together to find agreement and get their deals done

At xMentium, we streamline dealmaking end-to-end from quick first drafts to final e-Signatures. As the leading Language Collaboration Platform provider for legal teams, we are passionate about helping some of the most innovative and fast-moving companies in the world get their deals done faster and with better outcomes.

Tackling the mystery of why contracting is so slow and messy, our team combines expertise in contract processes, translation, and legal operations to deliver solutions that legal teams like. Pioneers in legal engineering and emerging technologies, we create new ways for legal teams to work with each other and their business partners.

xMentium was founded in 2019 by Paul Lippe and Graham Neumann. Graham and the DevOps team are based in Calgary, Alberta. Paul leads xMentium's worldwide team from Denver, Colorado.


Paul Lippe

Paul Lippe

Co-founder & CEO

Paul was Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Synopsys, where he also ran Development & Corporate Marketing, and was the architect of Synopsys’ strategy to grow from then $63MM revenues and $400MM Market Cap to today $4BB revenues and $49BB Market Cap. In many contexts such as M&A, Paul uniquely managed all aspects of deal-making from initial strategy and handshake to legal documentation to investor relations, leading to his recognition of the common model of language across and between enterprise. Paul was the founder and CEO of Legal OnRamp, which was sold to Elevate Services. Paul is a graduate of Yale College and Harvard Law School.

Graham Neumann

Graham Neumann

Co-founder & CTO

Graham is a software architect and programmer with twenty-four years of experience bringing new products to market across a wide range of domains. Most recently, he was CTO at SpeakLike, where he helped pioneer real-time language translation AI-augmentation. Graham also has extensive experience in legal technology, including developing software for use in information retrieval, compliance and eDiscovery. He was development manager at P2 Energy Solutions, where he led their mobility platform team. He holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a B.Sc. in Computer Science.